Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Breeding the Hung Safe Sex Top

Standing 6"1" and 150lbs this tall drink of water has been a regular tease for months. His Greek look, toned lean body, huge cock and scruffy face has been a re-occurring desire each time I see him online. Like so few guys he plays hard to get. The sun has to be at the right angle on the 10th day of the month during a leap year at a just the right second in time to get him to actually meet. I'll admit I never really pushed too hard myself since he was a self described total top who wanted nothing more then fuck me.

Tonight though to say I begged him to let me have his huge cock down my throat might be a fair statement. Typically it is against who I am to be overly eager but this guy just really piqued my interest. "What better way to end the day then a mouth wrapped around your big cut cock." I offered. "sounds hot but what else?" he asked. "What would you want to happen?" I responded. "Ideally you suck my dick until you want it in your ass" he proposed. After about 30 minutes of a back and forth and him mentioning repeatedly he only plays safe I finally just said "What's the address?" With no response for 10 minutes I assumed he was doing his usually vanish routine and I would end up going to bed without getting off.

Instead I got a surprise response with just the house number and street. "I'll leave now. See you in 10" I replied. Just before leaving I asked "BTW what's your name?" He replied. It wouldn't have been the first time I had fucked around with a dude and not known his name but I'm trying to not be such a slut these days. As I drove over I tried to psych myself into bottoming since I was sure that was what was going happen tonight. Committed to meeting but not yet committed to getting fucked I drove slowly to his place half tempted to turn around. It was now or never I thought to myself. I can just say no when he tries to fuck me but at least I will have tasted that cock before leaving him disappointed.

After the short ride to the other side of the city I pulled up to the address. I sent him a text message that I had arrived. "Walk up the drive way and go up the stairs in the back" I felt like a criminal walking up a dark driveway of a house I had never been before creeping to meet a random guy I'd never meet. I charged ahead anyways and quietly made my way up the stairs. As I reached the second floor the door opened and there stood my tall lean sexy stud wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. His curly hair had been trimmed down to a military style haircut that he rocked with an equal sex appeal. He welcomed me into this apartment.

As I walked in I couldn't help but notice that the place was a mess. The first room on the right was a bedroom covered in dirty clothes with a mattress on the floor and a small Ikea like dresser in the corner. I thought oh fuck what did I get myself into. Thankfully he led me father down the hallway. I could see at the front of the apartment was the living room. The TV was on and I assumed that there might be someone in that room since the TV was still playing and he seemed to try to block me from seeing what might be in the room but I couldn't tell.

We turned into the second bedroom. It was a little better then the first but not by much. It also had a mattress on the floor but the clothes were piled up in the corner as neatly as a pile good be. I took off my jacked and turned my back to find him and his growing bulge staring back at me.

I stepped forward and gently felt him up before leaning in and kissing his neck and running my hands up his sweatshirt, pausing only to tweak his nipples. After nibbling on his neck for a few moments I started to kneel down stopping just long enough to nibble on his exposed nipples eliciting a groan from the scruffy stud. I didn't nibble to long since it was his long shaft I most wanted to taste. I dropped to my knees and looked up at him staring down at me. I reached for his waist and pulled his sweatpants down revealing a large bulge in a pair of Hanes briefs. I leaned in a wrapped my mouth around the shaft biting down gently. I could feel his shaft throbbing to be released.

His eyes were filled with lust as I gentle mouthed on his brief covered cock. He had waited long enough as I hooked my fingers pulling the briefs down. His cock bounced up smacking his flat stomach. I wasted no time swallowing his cock to the base gagging on his length as I took the last couple inches. This boy certainly was hung. His knees went week and I held him up as I bottomed out. "Duuuude" was all he could say as I slowly pulled off fighting the urge to gag.

As his cock glistened covered in my spit I licked his knob again like a pro again causing him to be weak at the knees. This time I didn't swallow as deeply but started swirling my tongue around his perfect shaft and knob. He seemed to really enjoy this grabbing the back of my head. He didn't try to force himself down my throat though. Instead it felt more like he was using me to balance himself. I gulped, swallowed, swirled, and lightly nibbled on his cock for a good 10 minutes. My knees were starting to get sore from the bare hardwood floors I was kneeling on. I didn't last much longer before adjusted myself to squatting.

Moments later he unceremoniously pulled away from me and jumped on the bed. "Get naked and join me" he suggested/ordered. I slowly peeled my shirt up over my head as he watched intently. I watched him as I began unbuttoning my pants. like a kid in a candy shop he was licking his lips as my jeans dropped to the floor exposing my hard shaft. I rarely free-ball it but for some reason I did tonight. As I made my way onto the bed he wasn't looking at me anymore instead he was fixated on my throbbing shaft. I got between his legs and again took his shaft to the base in one big swallow. He has the perfect cock. Long enough to feel deep down your throat but not thick enough to make you gag.

As I bobbed up and down on his shaft he leaned forward desperate to feel my shaft. I pulled off with an audible pop and slide myself up pulling his legs over mine leaving him straddling me kind of. I stroked his cock and he wrapped his hand around my pulsating shaft. "Fuck you're thick" he cooed. I didn't say a word allowing him instead to stroke me slowly. it wasn't long before he was stroking my cock towards his perfect ass causing my head to graze his tight top hole until finally he slide closer to me leaving my cock positioned right at his door with my head pressed firmly against it. I took that as an offer and began gently gyrating my cock against his ass. With each thrust his ass seemed to loosen enough that a little bit more of my seemed to be making its way inside him until finally my cock head passed that ring of resistance.

"Oh Fuck" he growled while my nob pulsated inside him. Again he pulled away unceremoniously with an audible pop of my cock from his ass this time instead of his from my mouth. He twisted reaching towards the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lube I had noticed. I had expected him to also grab a condom since he had so clearly and pointedly stated he only played safe. Instead it was just the lube he returned with. with a  click of the lubes flip top he was applying a nice silicon based lube all over my cock from the nob right to the balls.

Again he backed himself back down so my cock was teasing his hole. with the cock head in he feverishly stroked his cock with that look of total pleasure on his face as I rocked my cock head in and out of his tight hole. I was a little timid to give him the whole length since he had stated many times he was "top only" but with each third thrust I made sure just a little more of me slide inside him before sliding back out. It wasn't long before half of my cock was inside him.

As it seemed to be his pattern he again pulled off without any warning and rolled me on my back as he got up on his knees. I was expecting him to try to fuck me and while I was immensely turned on I wasn't so sure I wanted him to fuck me. To my surprise he straddled me and before sitting down aimed my cock right at his hole. This time there was no teasing. he sat right down impaling himself on my full length arching his back as his perfect round ass bottoming out against my balls. This time it was me that groaned loudly. If there was anyone in that front room they definitely heard my pleasure.

He began riding my hard pulsating shaft while stroking his perfect cock in rhythm. I wondered if he had every ridden a horse since he riding like a pro. His eyes were locked with mine as he bounced up and down like a man on a mission. I took the opportunity to run my hands all over his perfect muscular legs covered in just the right amount of light brown hair. He clearly enjoyed the touch of my caressing hands since his legs had goosebumps. After about 5 minutes I could feel my balls begin to swell and that point of no return fill my cock and balls with warmth. I said nothing as I got close expected that he would pull off and waste my load. Instead I waited to say anything until my first volley of cum blasted deep inside him. I growled "I'm gonna cum" but to my surprise he didn't pull off and instead amped up his own masturbating until he shot a huge load of his own all over my chest as my cock dumped what felt like a gallon of my cream deep inside him.

He stayed impaled on me as we both caught our breath. Only after leaning down and kissing my neck did he slowly lift himself off me. His tight ass didn't let a drop of my cum escape. Instead his ass tightened as he pulled off milking that last little bit from my balls. He stood up and reached for a towel. "If you need to use the bathroom its right across the hall". I 'm gonna shower when I get home" I responded since the lube used wasn't going to easily wash off. he grabbed his sweatpants and pulled them on as I grabbed my jeans and slowly dressed.

So after roughly 45 minutes and the clock now passed 1:30am I turned towards the door and said "I better get going" He walked me to the door and after a shy goodbye I was walking back down those dark creaky stairs of this tired looking three-decker.

The next morning I got a surprise message from him. "You felt really good inside me" he stated bluntly. I responded in tune "It felt good to be inside you. I didn't expect to top you never mind blow my huge load deep inside you" he didn't respond to that for a good 20 minutes. I figured I had freaked him out. Maybe he was on something and didn't remember being my cum slut bottom for the night. Instead I got "I know, neither did I and you better be clean" I responded affirmatively that I was and the conversation went back to him telling me next time I was getting fucked. "So you want to hang again?" I responded. "Definitely man, You're hot".  I'll let you all know when the next installment of the Hung Safe Sex Top occurs.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Photog Returns for Break

What I love about Christmas break the most is all the local guys who have moved away to bigger cities and colleges far away who have returned to visit family. This is a double edged sword since more often then not after a couple days they feel trapped at home. Usually they end up on Grindr to distract themselves from the boring endless nightmare that surrounds them and look for anyway out and anyway to get off.

I hadn't seen this stud in months. Given that he was graduating from high school last I saw him I figure he had gone away to college and just not told me. After all he was "straight" then. I learned that through conversation that he did go off to college in Hawaii of all places. Like all the other guys he was home for break and eager to get out. Interestingly his profile title is "DL looking for athletic or fit people NSA" and the description "Here for the holidays....I'm not gay...I'm very fluid with my sexuality, but when it comes to emotion and relationships, I'm definitely not into men and only women. Physically, I like everything ⬆️"

After playing Grindr tag for a while we finally made plans to hang out until 10pm. Contrary to his profile he talked gay and while claiming to be a top the plan was for him to give that tight ass up to me once more. I picked him up on my way home from work. He was more tan now and looked more mature which was a huge plus. He was really developing into a handsome guy. After the quick ride back across town to my place we were making out. "Let's shower" he suggested.

Knowing that he likes sex in the shower I was more then happy to oblige. I grabbed a couple towels from the linen closet on the way. He nervously watched as I stripped down and only got naked after I was standing there in nothing but my birthday suit. While he undressed I turned on the water and watched. His young lithe body brought my cock to full hardness and a smile to his face.

We wasted no time jumping in once warm enough and he began gyrating his body against mine. While gyrating my cock slide up and down between his thight round flutes. He bent forward using his hands on the wall as leverage to grind back even more. With each grind my cock stiffened. Unfortunately he is a safe sex bottom so I suggested "I should grab some lube and a condom" "yeah" he growled.

I jumped out of the shower retrieved one of my Trojan Ultra Slims and some Gun Oil and returned to the shower. I love the Ultra Thin condoms because my fat cock inevitably shreds them with any kind of rough fuck. I squeezed the pump on the gun oil lubricating my cock and slipped on the condom and lathered it up with some more lube.

I stepped back into the shower and he immediately began grinding his perfect jock ass against me again. I lined my cock up with his hole and let him guide him self on. It took a few tires before he sank to my balls. That final thrust I could also feel the condom give way.

That feeling of skin on skin natural fucking made my shaft throb in excitement as I gripped his hips and began thrusting in and out of his little jock ass. He rode it like a champ for a good 5 minutes before slowly pulling off. I wrapped my hand around the base of my cock sliding the torn rubber back over the head of my dick. He glanced back and reached for my shaft feeling to make sure the condom was still on before lining his round rarely fucked ass back up with my thick throbbing cock. We repeated this routine a few times. I think he was worried since we had fucked bare the first time we meet and I had blown my load in him. Afterwards he had expressed regret and said from now on we use condoms.

As he pushing back allowing my cock to slide back inside I could feel the condom work its way back down to the base of my cock as my thrusting became more aggressive. He groaned in pleasure as my pace increased. I drove my cock all the way and almost all the way out. He arched his back and I gripped his hips tightly.

I knew I wouldn't last long since his ass was incredibly tight. It's like it was made for my cock. As my balls tightened I thrusted harder and deeper until my cock swelled inside him. My first volley blasting off inside him. I pulled out before it pumped another blast and pulled the condom off as I pulled out. And shot four more volleys all over his back. He spun around and wrapped his hand around my still shooting shaft coating his hand which he rubbed all over his chest before pulling me against him. Out of breath I leaned back against the cold wall pulling him with me.

We kissed passionately and I nibbled his ear which made him moan even more. I reached between and began streaking his hard shaft. "You don't have to get me off" he replied but I wanted too and was determined to. I stroked feverishly for a good 5 minutes before he pulled me tightly against him. I spun him around pressing his back against the wall of the shower and gyrated my body against his our hard cocks playing swords between us. I bit his ear gently and tongue fucked his ear which drove him wild. His breathing intensified and not long after his cock erupted between us coating both our stomachs with his load.

We finished washing up before existing the shower. As we dried off I suggests we grab some dinner. "Oh I don't know maybe take out". "Sounds good. How about Chinese?" We grabbed take out ate our meals and settled onto the couch cuddling. After about 20 minutes he had drifted off to sleep with a light snore. Eventually he woke up turned and kissed me. I help him tight as we made out on the couch. For a "not gay" guy who wasn't into the emotion stuff he certainly seemed content curled up in my arms and pulling me tighter around him. "This feels nice wish I could stay all night" he says. "I better get you home" I say.

After driving him to his cousins he leans in and kisses me. "I hope I see you again before I head back to school". As I drove away I thought how strange it was for a straight guy to get fucked and behave like he had with me. I hope I get to fuck him again before he leaves too.